The Day I Decided to Live a Dream

In May 2015 I graduated with a Bachelors Degree. I realize that people do this all the time and it’s always a big accomplishment, but for me it was huge. I’d spent ten years trying to get that degree. I’d dropped out of four colleges. I’d take one or two classes here and there forever. I did as much or as little as I could for ten years and in May 2015 I finally walked across the stage and lived the dream of being a college graduate.

Not coincidentally, a year before I graduated I quit my high paying career and became a nanny. I had always wanted to pursue childcare but I had landed a high paying, high pressure, high prestige career early in life and abandoned passion for money as so many of us do these days. Also like many others I found myself so miserable I was actually chronically ill. The stress was triggering a previously managed chronic illness and I spent two years sick and miserable. I finally decided that money wasn’t worth this, no matter how much I was being paid. So I quit. I found a job raising a beautiful baby. It’s not always easy, as any parent knows, but I love it and I’m not miserable anymore.

The past two years have afforded me plenty of opportunities to pursue my dreams and most of them have gone exceedingly well. Today, I am committing to start pursuing another dream. Ever since I knew how to write I always wanted to be a writer. As I got older and life happened I quickly abandoned the dream of my work being well known or renowned or getting paid for my work. Today I am making a commitment to start exploring that dream again. I’ve joined a 30 day blogging challenge to get practice writing every day and to build up a portfolio. Once the challenge is complete I will start submitting pitches for guest posts on popular blogs and see if I can get any interest in my pieces.

We’ll see if I can stick it out. I hope I can so I’ll be able to call today the day I chose to live a dream.