I Got a Job via Twitter

The world is a crazy, awesome place sometimes. On Friday I got tweeted at by a woman who turned out to be an editor. She said she’d read my work and wanted to discuss an opportunity. I emailed her and she asked me to send some pitches. I was excited because it was my first request for pitches. Usually I’m just pitching blindly to a submissions email list. I send her the pitches, fingers crossed that she may be interested in one of them and might contract me for one story,
Last night at like 11pm i open my email and there’s an email from her. Two other people are CC’d. I read the email. I read it again. I read it eight more times. It finally sinks in that the email says they are offering me a job as a REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR on their site.
I cried. Then i woke up my husband. Then i cried more. I just sent them my bio and I just sent my first pitch to my editor. An editor who is actually assigned to work with me on a regular basis. As of today, i will be writing for the Beauty section of http://thetempest.co/.
They are a relatively new media company with a female CEO, run by mostly women, with mostly female writers. Their mission is to provide a space for diverse female voices. Their staff is multicultural and multiracial in a way i haven’t seen with other online entities.
So if you made it through all that you’ve gathered that a random editor read my articles, loved them, and offered me a job over twitter! i am floored. i keep checking with my husband to make sure this is real. I am honored to write for a company that has such an amazing mission statement and to share my voice with their readers.
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