On Hiatus

I’ve come to the very difficult conclusion that I need to set this blog down for a while. I have made the very exciting decision to pursue writing as a full time career. I don’t know what this will look like yet. My goal is to do freelance work for major online publications and maybe land myself a staff writing position in the future. I am also exploring more traditional journalism opportunities like working in a local newsroom for a bit. Really, I’m in the earliest stages of this transition and I’m open to whatever comes along and seems right.

I’ve already found out how time consuming it is to establish myself as a freelance writer. I’m a regular contributor on Blasting News, I’ve taken another ghostwriting assignment, and I’m in talks to work on a couple more pieces. In addition to that, I try to spend at least an hour every day writing pitches, sending pitches, and scouting new places to send pitches. As I commit to this as a more full time thing in the fall, the time spent in these activities will only increase.

As much as I have wanted to keep this blog going, I am finding it really difficult to commit to writing for this instead of writing for gigs that will establish me as a published writer. I’m also struggling to find the time to do additional writing when I’m already doing a full time job outside of writing.

In the fall I will either take an in office full time writing job, or I will cut down to part time at a second job and focus on writing full time. If I’m able to cut down to part time somewhere and focus more on my writing as a whole it’s possible that I’ll find the time to pick this up again. I hope that I do because some of my favorite writing has been done for this site.

I want to thank you all so much for reading this blog over the past year. I’m sad to leave it, but I’m excited to move forward in my career as a writer. Please check out my Facebook page, which I regularly update with the articles I’m publishing elsewhere on the web. I am so honored that anyone reads anything I write and it all started with you, here. I’m forever grateful.



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