I’ve Been Doing This All Wrong

Less than one hour of reading. That’s how long it took me to realize I’ve been responding to the tragedies of last week all wrong. I’ve been doing everything that people have expressed not to do. I’ve been making it about me. I’ve been making it about my feelings. I’ve been talking more than I’ve been listening. I’ve been spouting off my opinion without being sure of what I’m saying or whether what I’m saying is helpful. I’ve been assuming that my voice is more important than others because I’m a writer and I’ve been assuming that my voice is the one that will lead to change. I’ve been doing this all wrong. 

I won’t take anything back because it’s all part of the process of confronting my privilege and learning. I will change though. It’s time to do a lot of learning. Before I ever thought I could start a blog on feminism I read a ton of books about feminist theory. I should have done a lot more reading before I posted about this too. So I’m going to educate myself before I speak. 

This doesn’t mean my support or anyone else’s isn’t helpful, but I can be helpful in other ways. I can share articles by other people who know more. I can go to rallies. I can support my local NAACP chapter. I can listen to what others have to share. But I am going to refrain from sharing my opinions on Black Lives Matter until I know more. It’s my responsibility to educate myself and it’s yours to educate you. 

Because I believe news coverage is important, I will continue to cover the events for blasting news, but only based on facts and research, not my opinions. 

I have a lot of work to do. 


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing This All Wrong”

  1. 1. I applaud you for being REAL! For not acting as if you know it all and that you do not have things to learn. As a black woman.. I respect you for that.

    However, give yourself room to be human. We all have things to learn. As an educator in Detroit, MI… I am trying to raise black youth to respect ALL lives, and ensure that they can live a long life themselves.

    You are a beacon of hope, and you reaffirm what I tell them as far as… not everyone who does not share the color of your skin, hates you… some people do try to understand.

    Come and check me out : https://diaryofablackdetroiteducator.com/


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